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International Missions

A large part of what we do at Purpose Church involves reaching the “ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8) with the good news of the Kingdom of God. Through our International missionaries and partners, thousands come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Each year many from Purpose go overseas to share the gospel through Short Term mission teams. The opportunity to get involved in this important task, of seeing the nations come to Christ, is readily available at Purpose Church. One of our key concerns internationally is to see workers go to areas where the need is greatest, such as in the Islamic world. If God is calling you to go, let us help you get there.


Mike and Jill Lowery
Democratic Republic of Congo
Jill and Mike Lowery work with the Congolese Baptist Community (CBCO as an administrator and a professor at the Pastor’s Institute in Kikongo equipping leaders for ministry in rural churches.   Jill works with National Women’s ministries reaching out to unwed mothers and young women who are at risk to prostitution.

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Matt and Lori Mann
Matt and Lori Mann work with children who live on the street and slum areas of Vientiane. Their development work includes a drop-in center, residential care, leadership development and sports.

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Mike and Becky Mann

Mike and Becky Mann serve as global consultants for rural development in northern Thailand, directing the Integrated Tribal Development Program, helping tribal farmers and assisting parents of special needs children.

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Roberta Stephens
Roberta shares in preaching places, teaches kindergarten, helps in women’s outreaches as well as coordinates short-term mission teams in Japan.

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  •  Jim and Jessica Gillespie – Taiwan Link to Tunghai University
  • Jim teaches English while Jessica reaches out to neighbors to share the Gospel.
  • Missionary  – India  link:  www.sim.org
  • Missionary* – Asia – unreached people group  www.teamworld.org
  • Missionary* – Asia – unreached people group  Link: www.ELIC.org
  • Missionary* – Asia – unreached people group

*Some of our missionaries work in very sensitive areas of the world and we therefore do not post their names or specific countries in which they work.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Duane and Margaret Grasman
With nearly thirty years on the mission field, they pastor a church in Hermosillo and do outreach in surrounding communities.

Scott and Shona Henderson

Scott and Shona outreach to the community through children’s sports and school programs.

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Tim and Patti Long


Ruth Mooney
Costa Mesa
Ruth teaches Christian Education at the Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana, preparing pastors and church leaders for service throughout Latin America.

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Ray and Adalia Schellinger

Ray and Adalia  help victims of Domestic Violence to find comfort and recovery through Christ by way of Deborah’s House.

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Chuck and Ramona Shawver
 Working with indigenous tribal groups in southern Mexico, Chuck and Ramona, teach about Christ and promote justice for the poor.

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Jake and Karley Sudyka
 Working with indigenous tribal groups in southern Mexico, Chuck and Ramona, teach about Christ and promote justice for the poor.

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Jim and Candy Abell
Mission Aviation Fellowship

While at MAF headquarters, Jim and Candy help  to get airplanes retrofitted for the mission field.

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  • Missionary Family -Middle East and Asia – unreached people group