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“At Purpose Church, we desire that every person experiences
financial freedom through tithing 10%, 
saving 10%,
and managing the remaining 80% for the glory of God.”
– Glenn Gunderson, Lead Pastor


GIVE TODAY – Join the movement of what God is going through Purpose Church in our community and around the world. We believe generous people transform the world and the local church is the best place to invest financially because every dollar you give goes further faster.

ADVICE FROM DAVE RAMSEY – A guide of encouragement and advice on tithing and giving. “Remember, no one has ever become poor by giving.”

MONEY AND THE BIBLE – “A Theology of Money” explores the biblical doctrine of money and possessions, with special emphasis on using them to have an impact on eternity. With a view toward God’s glory and eternal rewards, it includes practical application and attention to the stewardship of money in churches, families, and in personal lifestyle choices. Twelve sessions available to stream.


CREATE A BUDGET – Take control of your money! It’s budget time. Step-by-step instructions are given on how to make a budget.

GET OUT OF DEBT – “You can wander into debt, but you can’t wander out.” This website gives three quick tips on how to get out of debt.


Purpose Church is not recommending any particular financial advisor and is not responsible for any results of any advisor.

CREATE A BUDGET – Take control of your money! It’s budget time. Step-by-step instructions are given on how to make a budget.

CHOOSE AN INVESTMENT PROFESSIONAL – A qualified investment professional can help you make sound investment decisions, assist with financial goal setting and keep you informed about the economy. Here is a list of different types of professionals and how to choose which one you need.

FIND A FINANCIAL ADVISOR – An easy resource to help you find a financial investment advisor.

RETIREMENT CALCULATOR  |  CDs CALCULATORWhether just starting to plan for retirement or nearing the age of required minimum distributions, these free retirement calculators are here to help.

Could you use help with creating a will or estate plan? Purpose Church has a resource available at no expense to you that you can find here MyLegacyPlanner. If you would like to meet with a financial advisor, you can meet with Ron Blomberg for free at our church offices. You can schedule an appointment with Ron by emailing PamelaB@purposechurch.com.