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“As a 360 Intern I was able to get a glimpse of each corner of the student ministries department at Purpose Church. It not only helped me to understand where I felt called to serve in student ministries but it also gave me a clear picture of what student ministries is all about. Sharing the love of Christ with students as an intern was an incredible experience!”
-Adrian, 360 Intern (Year Round)
“Being a 360 Intern has made me feel like I am really doing something important for not only myself but others. God has given me a new family and place to call home. It has opened my eyes to new things and possibilities in life.”
-Danelle, 360 Intern (Spring)
“The 360 Internship Program has given me an opportunity to give to others and get fed at the same time.”
-Jody, 360 Inern (Fall and Spring)


A 360 Internship experience with Purpose Church Student Ministries will give you an up close and insiders view into how we do ministry–a full 360 degree view! We believe in delegating authority, not just responsibility, which means you won’t be sitting on the sidelines, you will be in the game, practicing what you are learning, and growing as a leader. Our hope is that after you complete your 360 Internship, you will have a better sense of where God is calling you into ministry. Our interns are crucial in shaping and sustaining our ministry to students and families. This internship resides at the intersection of knowledge and experience. We love our 360 Interns!


Our 360 Internship program is for young adults who feel a calling to vocational ministry. Your internship will begin with you being exposed to FSM, JHM, and HSM which will give you an overview of Student Ministries at Purpose Church. Then you will have an opportunity to focus in one of these areas. For a more detailed look at our internship, please download our 360 Internship Packet.

We have 3 versions of the 360 Internship:

  • Semester Intern (Fall, Spring)
  • Summer Intern (Summer)
  • Year Round Intern (Fall – Summer)


  1. Fill out the “Interest Form” below
  2. Download and review the 360 Internship Packet
  3. Download and complete the Internship Application
  4. Email or hand deliver your application and resume to our Student Ministries Offices
  5. We will contact you for your first Interview
  6. References checked
  7. We will contact you for your second interview
  8. Notification of status


Who should apply for a 360 Internship?
This program is designed specifically for young adults, many of whom are currently enrolled or recently graduated from their undergraduate or graduate studies. Because our program helps young adults gain skills and training in a ministry setting, many of our applicants are seeking experience for their pursuit of vocational ministry; you need not be called to full-time church ministry to apply. You must be 18 years or older to be a 360 Intern.

Is there more than one internship available for each ministry area?
Yes, we have enough opportunities for multiple interns in each of our Student Ministries.

What is the time commitment for a 360 Inern?
360 Interns work anywhere from 5-20 hours per week in their direct area of ministry, including meetings with their supervisor, prep work, and ministry development.

Who will supervise me?
Interns are supervised by the Student Ministries Pastor and the ministry Pastor they are working with.

Is the internship paid?
360 Interns are usually not paid.

What do I need to be a 360 Intern?
We do not require that our interns have a car of their own, but 360 Interns are expected and required to have a driver’s license and be able to drive students if necessary.

Are there any job guarantees after the program?
There are no job guarantees at or outside of Purpose Church after completion of the 360 Internship Program.

What are the standards that interns must abide by?
The professional, personal, spiritual, and social commitments to which our 360 Interns adhere will be made available during the applicant’s first interview. Before applying, please check out the Purpose Church Belief Statement page to ensure you agree with our church’s theological positions.


If you have any questions about the 360 Internship at Purpose Church, feel free to contact us.
Eric Holmstrom, Student Ministries Pastor / High School Pastor
Courtney Romero, Student Ministries Assistant