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We provide nursery care every Sunday morning for children through age two. Purpose Church Nursery opens 15 minutes before each service begins and remains available throughout the morning during all three services at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:11 AM. Children may stay for multiple services as long as parents or guardians remain on campus to participate in worship services, Sunday school classes, Life Groups, and/or volunteer opportunities. Families who wish to worship together are welcome to utilize our Family Room and view the service on a television screen via live stream. The Family Room is located in the Worship Center building (Building C) just outside the nursery.


Throughout the week, we offer nursery care for most evening services and special events for children through age five. It is recommended that parents and guardians contact the pastor in charge of ongoing evening programs as well as one-time special events, as some events require RSVP to reserve nursery care.


All Purpose Church Nursery workers complete an extensive application, screening, and training process and are dedicated to providing developmentally appropriate and personalized care to children. We maintain a well-baby policy to ensure the health and wellbeing of all children and workers in the nursery. Additionally, our computerized check-in system ensures elevated safety and security for children in our care. When a child is checked into the nursery, an individualized bar coded check out the card is provided which is required when parents and guardians check out their children. In the event that children need to be picked up before the end of a childcare event, parents and guardians may be contacted at the discretion of the Nursery Coordinator.


Purpose Church Nursery provides a fun and friendly opportunity to serve. Please contact the nursery coordinator, Amber Purnell, with any questions or comments concerning our nursery.

CONTACT INFO: Amber Purnell
  |  909-629-5277 x3607
  |  AmberP@purposechurch.com

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