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At Purpose Church, we have a strong team of couples whose marriages have been helped by our marriage ministry. As a whole, they are dedicated to teaching, mentoring, and helping other couples.

For information regarding any area of our marriage ministry,
please contact: Denise Dotson
|  909-629-5277 x3019
|  DeniseD@purposechurch.com


At Purpose Church, Marriage Ministries prepares you to have a purposeful marriage! We currently offer seriously dating and pre-marriage mentoring with trained mentor couples who will help you make your relationship all that the Lord intends it to be.

Your mentoring experience will give you honest, practical ways to enhance your relationship with a biblical perspective. Pre-Marriage Mentoring will help to assess and grow your relationship, during this often stressful period, before your wedding date.  (There is a $25 fee for materials in these 2 types of mentoring.)


Because every marriage has room for growth, all marriages of any age or any stage, can benefit from marriage enrichment experiences. Throughout the year, we offer a variety of ways to enrich your marriage including weekly marriage education classes, growth groups with other couples, and annual retreats and seminars to enrich married love.

Sunday Mornings we offer our Marriage Enrichment Life Group at 8:30am in C200, 9:45am in G102, and 11:11am in C203. All couples are welcome whether married, engaged, or seriously dating.

For our Spanish speaking couples, we offer Enriquecimiento Matrimonial at 9:45am in H102.

Check out our Facebook page: PurposeChurch/MarriageEnrichment for marriage encouragement!


In the Cinderella story, the couple “lives happily ever after”. However, in our society, with the pressures of conflicting demands and too little time, marriage relationships often suffer. With all the distractions, we too easily forget that strong, caring, loving marriages take work. Without attention and care, marriages wither. Couples can slowly and quietly drift apart by hurtful words and actions. For many, it has been a very long time since they knew the joy of a loving relationship.

Marriage Mentoring helps couples learn to reconnect by using valuable tools to rebuild loving relationships.
For more information contact Juan and Nena Amaral
| 909-629-5277 x3019
| marriage@purposechurch.com