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Spiritual Parenting

You keep your kids fed, clothed, and safe.  High five! Some days that is all we can manage. We get it.  Parenting can be overwhelming.  Purpose Church wants to partner with you in your parenting.  Sign up now for our Parenting Class Starting September 17th!

God picked you to be the parent to your children. You know and love your kids like no other. Join us for eight weeks to meet other parents, share parenting ideas, and spend some time focusing on how God wants to be involved in your parenting. Spiritual Parenting will give you some practical ideas for how to shape a vibrant faith and love towards God and others by creating intentional environments in your home to hear from God.
Every parent should join a Spiritual Parenting group. Don’t parent alone. Let us help. Let God lead.

Spiritual Parenting Class
Facilitated by Greg Ross
September 17 – November 5
Sundays 9:45 a.m. in H100

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