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Perspectives Course

Purpose Church is pleased to offer Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. This 16 week course will help you capture your place in God’s mission. Each week you will learn from dynamic teachers who will cover the Biblical, historical, cultural and strategic perspectives of God’s global purpose.  Classes start August 17 at 6:45pm in room H-104 on the Pomona Campus and may be taken for college credit, certificate or survey.


Go online at https://class.perspectives.org/Visitor/Public.aspx?ClassId=433683 for more info on the Pomona class and to register.
Try the first class for free! Signup early to take the course for college or graduate level credit or just for a certificate. Alumni may repeat for free!
For more information, please contact Nancy at 909-629-5277 ext.3014 or NancyM@PurposeChurch.com, x3014


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